Still alive.

Hello fine folks.

This morning found me with a cuppa coffee and my notebook. I’ve wanted to update this blog for awhile. It seems that the pattern is empty quiet for 11 months out of the year and then spontaneous and overwhelming outpour for the last. That being said, I’m gonna attempt to keep this short and set an intention for a once a month check-in (she says w/ a chuckle).

It has been a hard year to say the least, but another season is once again on the horizon and as nature knows~  with spring comes hope and the promise of new beginnings. And so I raise my eyes to the sun and welcome them with humble gratitude. I am still here. We are still here.

Woolf'sAfter witnessing the land for an entire cycle we are now ready to begin laying out garden plans. With those plans come massive effort but nothing unusual there. Niko wants to try straw-bale again while we work to amend the soil. We’ll start with a relatively small area at first. As eager as we are, we have to remember that it’s just us out here~ one of the reasons we’re still living on plywood floors and continuously dealing with frozen pipes. It’s not impossible to live this way on your own, but damn near close to it. Especially when one of your two has wicked seasonal depressive disorder (raises hand). I tell you what, friends~ I don’t know how I got so lucky. Bless my husband for his positive and persevering spirit. He is the bones, muscle and organs of this family body. He is the pumping life force. Without him, we’d not be here.

Along with the large-ish food garden we’ll also begin to plant some flowering trees and bushes (mostly for me) and some perennials. We will no longer be letting the goats forage unsupervised. It worked for the purpose of not having to purchase as much hay but frankly they’re disrespecting punks and have zero boundaries. Electric fences and guided walks will be their life for awhile. And as much as sheep are still my longing, it’s time to work the land and all our excess energy will be required to do so. Sheep will have to wait.

Last thing: we’re moving forward with the loft in the yurt and will be redesigning the kitchen to be near the wood-stove with the intention of easy access to warm water and no more frozen pipes. This will change the entire present layout of the yurt and I welcome it. Thanks to our beloved friend, Mikey, we were able to bring in the first post, er, giant tree. Hopefully he’ll be back sooner than later because I’m not much help in that department. All forward movement is micro movement ’round here. But at least it’s forward.

Thanks for handing out, friends. I’ll be back next month. Maybe sooner.


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