sewing tutorials.

 a tutorial sample from bloom daisy.

a tutorial sample from bloom daisy.

Occasionally I write up a tutorial for a local mama website, My719moms. When it’s food, I inevitably share it here. But when it’s sewing, they tend to be pretty lengthy so I haven’t posted any of them on Folkways. At first, it was because I told myself it didn’t belong; but I’ve thought better of it. This is a story about my journey into farming, self reliant living, etc., and making your own clothing and such is definitely an act of self sufficiency. So with that conclusion, I decided that I would share the shorter, more relevant tutorials here, and the others I would post to bloom daisy with a short excerpt and link, that way you could check them out if you so desire.

Here’s one I did awhile back on making a homemade gift for baby. And here’s a more recent one, on making a pair of little girls pants. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re not already, you should totally become a fan of bloom daisy on facebook. Just sayin’!

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