Saturday (non)Market & Sheep Shearing

Folkways FarmI was SO excited about the 1st Farmer’s Market of the season. The girls and I had a nice lingering morning, collected our library books for return, and set off to enjoy the literal fruit of the season. Daisy brought her camera upon my request to snap some pictures for the blog. So there we were, crossing the street where we had a good view of the park, where lo and behold… No Market.

I got the date wrong. I believe that I did the same exact thing last year, except I could’ve sworn that the Lippis FB page said they were starting on the 1st. Ah, well. It always makes for a nice walk. We walked into our local coffee shop, Jives, and Lindsey (the owners’ daughter) said that she had a few customers that made the same mistake, and that she thought that it usually started on the 1st, too. Due to the late freezes though, there was a produce shortage. So, we’ll try again next week.

After Leelu’s nap we went to Rock Ledge Ranch for their opening day. For Leelu all I have to do is say ‘sheep’ and she’s in. Daisy on the other hand, while not kicking and screaming, is still not easily persuaded. It helped that I held the cards for a swimming trip the next day. She is 16. And SO roll your eyes at the urban farming parents. Still though, she was pleasant, and got to take pictures of cute baby geese. We are not members, so we had to pay full admissions. I knew we would only be there a half hour at most, but I was ok with the fee because Rock Ledge is awesome and they deserve it. It’s a working farm with historic reenactments and really cool demonstrations, as well as annual music festivals and much more. And it’s only a 6 minute drive from my house.

Opening day was all about Sheep. Herding, shearing, carding, dyeing and spinning wool. Watching the dogs was amazing. Their discipline and determination is awe-inspiring. Really, it is. I wonder if it’s just in that breed of sheep dog, or if it could be taught in any dog with a dedicated owner. SO. COOL. We wandered the grounds and visited with the massive Clydesdale horses and beautiful Mustang. We walked the pond after watching a bit of the shearing demonstration. I hope to have my own someday. It was crazy to see how white the wool was on the underside in contrast to the dirty topcoat. The shearer was so adept though. The sheep made not a sound and was calm as can be. The others in the pen though, that was another story. It was comical. For some reason, I assumed that I’d heard a sheep ‘baa’. And for some reason, I thought it would be similar to a goat. It’s not. It’s loud. It’s LOUD. It has a vibrational resonance. And it’s really funny. I think I could handle hearing it among all the other calls outside my farm window. Not in our city farm, of course. But on our land. Which is coming…

It was an enjoyable day with my girls. Leelu is growing up with this. And my Daisy is tolerating it. But she’s a good girl. And I will miss her desperately when she’s gone.

Folkways Farm Rock Ledge RanchFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways FarmFolkways Farm

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