Of names, tried and true.

We started out as simply a blog attached to New Dawn Energy, my husbands ‘parent’ business and called it “Our Sustainability Project” which it certainly still is. I then changed the title to “The Woolf Family Farm”, because again, that is what it was. But then we started talking about the future of our farm. Names came up, because at one point when Niko was at the homesteading fair, he was asked if we kept a website or blog. It was tricky to say, “sure, we’re at new dawn energy (slash) sustainability project (slash) blah blah blah.” So we started to think about what we “were” per say, and what we wanted to be identified as.

Original image found on "Vintage Flip" on Etsy. Click on the picture to visit her site.

Original image found on “Vintage Flip” on Etsy. Click on the picture to visit her site.

We considered many before deciding on StoryBrook. We both liked it a lot, and definitely identified with it. We are a fairytale, after all. We were even married in a castle. Niko writes fantasy novels. He builds structures that belong in storybooks. And we thought by playing on the word with brook, it might help to manifest water on our future land. Daisy thought it was funny because I guess there is a Snow White-esqe television series in a land called Storybrook. When we googled, we found that there was a bed and breakfast that shared the name out East. Tennessee, maybe. But otherwise, it seemed to be ours.

So we made the change. And the commitment. Niko did a lot of work switching over the blog and I finally got the email subscription to work.

But true to my nature, there was something else brewing and I just couldn’t let it go. I tried. I really did. You made a decision, Brandi. Now stick to it. But I just couldn’t get Folkways out of my head. I mentioned it to Niko in passing. He liked it too, but again, the commitment was made.

A few days ago I came in from milking, and having turned it over and over in my head, brought it up to Niko again. It turned out he’d been thinking about it too. It just seemed to make sense. It resonated. It is what we love and what we are. Folk tales. Folk medicine. Folk music. Folk magic. Folklore. Folk, folks. And it feels permanent. There is no second guessing at all. There is no thinking on it. It just is.

So, Folkways Farm is born. One more online move. But this one will stick, I promise.

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