News on the homefront.

folkways farmAs I refocus my energies back into the space of the farm, the struggles seem to land in front of my feet, threatening to trip me up if I don’t keep my eyes open. Niko is unhappy with his job and I don’t blame him. His place is not in front of a computer screen, dealing with companies that mostly make him cringe. But unfortunately, the job means paid bills and a little extra sometimes to set aside. And between time spend working and time spent cobbing, his time on our little farm is extra precious. He has had the entire load, too. Even before the accident, he was helping me with milking and since that fateful day he’s been taking it on alone. I’m getting there, slowly, though I do fear my elbow may have some permanent damage from the crash.

As if this wasn’t enough on my sweet husband’s plate, he is also embarking on a new cleansing diet to build his adrenal health. This means no wheat, yeast, dairy, sugar, caffeine and then some. For beer, coffee and bread lovers, this is no simple feat, folks. But of course, Niko is nothing short of amazing so he is doing well. And while the girls and I are not joining him, now that I’m well enough to cook again I am making sure our dinners at least adhere to his diet so that we can all still share a meal. It’s not too difficult. Since our oven is broken I don’t do casseroles or bread. Or pies :) So it’s lots of veggies and grains. And goat cheese. He’s allowed that in small quantities.

Since our sweet six chicks were killed by 3 rampaging racoons, the chicken load is down for now. So I guess I can call a gratitude card for that. Less work I guess. But it’s still sad and anger inducing at times. Lessons learned.

The barn is being plagued by flies and the goats are suffering for it. I know they are highly irritated. We’re still contemplating what to do about it. I’m considering ordering Fly Predators from Hoegger. It’s a monthly fee but I’ve read some reviews and it seems like it might be a good choice and worth the cost.

folkways farm

Also, I think the goats miss me a little bit.

We have some new neighbors behind us that we met through the goats. They heard them in the alley and Niko invited them by. She’s a goat lover, thank goodness. And they have a little girl a year older than Leelu that is precious. Bob and Rose still don’t hear the goats. I can’t believe it but it’s true. Daisy and I were out back just today talking to Bob. About 10 minutes prior Sara was making a hella racket and when Bob came out he asked if we still had the girls because he never hears them! So while they may drive Niko though the roof with their ridiculously loud bleating, they seem to still agree with the neighbors.

Daisy is going to Florida to visit family at the end of the month. I will miss the heck out of her. I’ve been putting her to work with her photog skills helping me get bloom daisy going. She’s been a huge help.

folkways farm colorado springsThe straw-bale garden seems to be going decently. Pumpkins don’t like it. But it’s working as a nice shelter for other things and it’s pretty to look at. I honestly can’t tell you much about the growing things because I’ve been so uninvolved this season. Maybe Niko will pop on one of these days.

So there’s a wee bit o’ updates for ya. I think by next week I should be back to regularly scheduled programming.

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