Goods & Services

Amidst the everyday working of Folkways, there are a myriad of other things always happening. Our lives are full. And as we try each day to become more and more self sufficient, we offer these goods and services for sale or trade, or just to become deeper rooted in our community.



Colorado Cob


Colorado Cob A literal mud stompin’ good time. Niko started cobbing for the sheer enjoyment of working with earthen materials and seeing shape form before his very eyes. It has now become a community effort of sharing this natural building resource with our friends and neighbors to create a more sustainable form of living. Please visit the webpage for a complete list of workshop dates as well as more detail on the company. Be prepared to get dirty, and have fun doing it.


bloom daisy folkways farm

Bloom Daisy

Bloom Daisy This is my little cottage sewing business. I’ve made everything from pot holders to wedding gowns. I appreciate function but I’m a big fan of pretty. So please visit my Etsy page and buy something. I’m happy to work custom orders but be prepared to wait. I’m ridiculously busy and an unfortunate procrastinator to boot, so if you don’t mind waiting awhile, I’m happy to serve. Otherwise, if you see it in a picture you can have it in a week.


Daisy might just be the best (yes, I am bias) 18 year old self taught photographer ever. I’d recommend her for all of your photographic needs. The girl’s got skills, yo. Seriously. If you’d like her info, just ask. Website and online portfolio coming soon.

Daisy Erickson Photography

Daisy Erickson Photography


The Tales of Kanigaard

Kanigaard Did you know that among everything else that my husband can do, he has also self published two novels? In the first of the series of The Tales of Kanigaard, you will find yourself swept up in a fantasy adventure so big, you might forget you are not a part of it. I know I always did. Buy the books and maybe we can convince him to finish # 3. I’ve read the first half, and trust me, folks. It’s amazing!

The Wild Soul

The Wild Soul

The Wild Soul is also me… This is where you’ll find my teaching schedule for yoga, as well as workshops and retreats I offer for women and families, and reconnecting to your Source (whatever that looks like to you). I am also available for ceremonies and rites of passage, such as Weddings, Blessing Ways, Moon Rites, etc.

And soon to come!

Goat milk soaps and lotions!

Goat cheese and other dairy products!