Good morning.

folkways farmDo you know those moments when something touches you so deeply that you cry? It’s usually the silent kind. Head above watery eyes that never quite spill over. A tightness in the belly that moves its way up, up, filling your heart with emotion. Making its way into the muscles of your throat. Tiptoeing into the recesses of pathways where mind meets body. That’s happened to me twice already today and it’s only 11:30.

The causes of the tears are simple things. An energy that wouldn’t necessarily measure on the Richter Scale of emotion. But that’s the beautiful thing about us humans, right? It’s the simple things that keep us. Grounded. Real. Humble. Loved.

Leelu will be 2 years old next month, and we’re working through the weaning process. She is very attached to nursing, and honestly so am I. It is a bond like no other, as I’m sure every mama could tell you. On top of recent traumatic events I’ve no doubt that this is making me a little extra sensitive. She’s with her daddy today. They took a drive to Grandma’s house, which Leelu was very excited about. She had barely opened her eyes this morning, and with just a mention of their destination, she whispered, “Shoes… on.” No telling her twice.

folkways farm

With my deadlines over for the festival, this “free” day will mostly be spent catching up here. I’ve got Daisy working on an editing project for bloom daisy, and we have some house cleaning and farming to do, of course. But mostly, this is where my time will be focused. If you are subscribed to this blog and your inbox is filled with Folkways this week and next, just know that things will mellow down soon. But hopefully, if you are subscribed, it means you actually enjoy reading what I write, so thanks. I appreciate you.

I’ll be catching up on some back story. There is the last half of June to record as well as the first week-ish of July. This blog serves as somewhat of a journal for our family’s story, so I need to keep up with it. In today’s ever progressing world of technology I’m sure this is where Leelu will be able to look back and see what we were doing when she was two.

I am ever happy to be here.

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