goat tales.

I’ve been enjoying technology lately, more so than usual and am even taking advantage of my new-ish smart phone while milking the goats in the morning. Since my IPod went kaput, and having been on milking hiatus for months due to sickness, it was taking me a little while to get back into the rhythm of things. Especially milking Heidi, my sweet lil Toggenburg with the teeniest finger teats. Milking her can be exasperating. So I turned to pulling my mind away from the task at hand and just letting my hands do what they know to do~ by watching You Tube videos on my phone. And I’m loving it because I get to learn (which I’m a fiend of) mostly uninterrupted. And you know You Tube~ you watch one video and it automatically filters out others like it. I started out with a Susun Weed interview and have since stumbled onto other fun herbal stuff, which are both helpful and inspiring. I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate video into Folkways, but being that I’m really not one for talking to a camera… I gotta work on that. Either way, I’m enjoying the lesson time, and the girls don’t seem to mind at all.