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To begin, thank you so much for coming this far and visiting our little piece of cyberspace. Now we’d like to ask you to go a little bit further. If you’re here, you’ve probably met us personally or have heard our story through another. If you’re here, you might just be a believer in the dream. The Dream. The yearning, the drive, the vision you see when you close your eyes at night, the reason you wake up every morning. That one.

That’s why we’re calling you here. We have a dream that we need help manifesting.

We have been land hunting for quite some time, looking for the perfect place to settle down, raise our farm and nourish our family. Land for us to nurture and leave it as a better place for our children, and our children’s children. We want to raise animals and grow vegetables and grain, and build our home with our own hard work and sweat out of the natural resources that the land offers up. Does this sound a bit idyllic to you? To us, it’s very real. We’ve done what we can on our little urban homestead in the city, and it is time to grow on and feed the dream.

There is a saying, “It takes a village…” Sometimes it really does. We need that village to see this farm dream through. The first part is acquiring the land on which to build it.

A glimpse of the vision:

There is a beautiful parcel of land somewhere in Colorado. In the early summer, lush grass and wildflowers traverse the landscape. On the hill to the east you see a flock of sheep milling about. Just below them a small herd of cattle happily munch beneath a clear blue sky. When you wander farther in along the tree-lined dirt road, you come across a gorgeous home built of the earth itself. Everywhere you turn you see something beautiful, whether it be a chicken fluffing its feathers or a flower of one color or another. The irresistible scent of fresh brewed coffee leads you to enter the home where you are greeted warmly and offered breakfast. You peek out the kitchen window and see a lush garden growing tall and green. You see smiling people about, tending to the weeds and harvesting early vegetables. In the distance you see children playing and another group of people working on the construction of a new dwelling. When you ask your hostess about this she tells you it’s for the summer festival where people come to celebrate the season and have adventures of learning to live with the land. Families come from all over and it’s a great time spent sharing the heart of community, she says. Later you help collect eggs from the hen house after learning to make fresh goat cheese. With fresh greens from the garden you enjoy a delicious quiche for dinner and strawberry rhubarb cobbler for dessert. After the meal you join everyone outside under the stars for stories of the day. In the background you hear the soft strumming of a guitar against the now familiar sound of the lambs calling for their mothers. The laughter of the children echoes musically through the night. After the best night’s sleep you think you’ve ever had, you are invited to stay on awhile, and you accept thinking you could handle a little more of this simple magic before you return to the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is just a small glimpse into our hopeful future. A land that takes care of us, nurturing our body and soul, supporting a happy family and hosting retreats and workshops that feed the spirit.

Please share this story and help us inspire others. Let’s create a miracle. I have faith in this. And when it happens, because it will, you’re invited to the farm. I’ll cook you breakfast. You can help me collect the eggs.

Thank you for believing.

Now, we are reaching out and asking for your help. We are asking you to click on that yellow Donate button and gift $5.00 of your hard earned money to a small family with a big dream. It might not seem like much, but there’s another saying, “A little goes a long way,” and in this case we know that to be true. Your gift of $5.00 can help us buy this farmland.

Just $5.00 can help make a dream come true.

A message from Niko:
Folkways Farm

Our Urban Homestead

Over the past couple of years, our little Old Colorado City lot has slowly transformed into an urban farm. We raise chickens, milk dairy goats, keep bees, grow vegetables, herbs, and grain, and build useful and beautiful structures out of the Earth itself. We’re in love with this farming life, and the time has come for this first expression of Folkways Farm to leave the city and move onto the “Big Farm,” where our farming dreams have the space to come roaring in to our waking reality, with all the chores to match.

We found the perfect piece of Earth in 2013 and spent the bulk of 2014 engaged in a conversation with the property owner.
All seemed to be in order to manifest the property as our own come Spring 2015. However, the long story short is that the owner took on a new partner with an interest in the land which effectively ended our conversation. C’est la vie.

The farm on Ward Creek is a beautiful place and certainly inspired within us feelings of coming home. Now that it has slipped away, we look forward to being guided to the bit of Earth that is waiting for us, closer now to this place we presently call home. The Dream has not ended, it has only shifted in its vision.

The New Year brings new hope, a new search, and a new adventure in living. The Dream looks different now, but its essence remains the same. So my friends, will you please dream with us?

Gratefully Yours,
Niko and Brandi Woolf

P.O. Box 3021, Colorado Springs, CO, 80934-3021 ~ info@folkwaysfarm.com


2 thoughts on “Feed the Dream

  1. What you have been able to achieve in a urban yard is amazing, I can’t wait to see you mentoring, farming, and giving workshops I believe in your dream! Expect a camper with a fiddle to visit someday! Also looking forward to the corn cob oven and sitting area! If I visit, put me to work! many blessings

  2. Dear Brandi…I am not too Facebook literate and just stumbled on your letter just now….I am so proud of you and Carrie. You have a wonderful family and I believe you can make your dreams come true….I will send a contribution..thanks for asking…love aunt susie:)

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