This Morning

This morning I slept until almost 7. My body was in such shock that I woke around 6:40 with that shaky feeling you get when you sleep too long. Do you know it? This lovely reprieve was a gift from my husband. He milked the goats. He also milked them on an evening a few days ago. He is still getting the hang of it, and the girls are not very nice to him about it, but they’re getting there. It’s slightly worrisome when he milks, only because they don’t make it easy for him to completely milk them out, and that could lead to problems. But it’s such a nice break for me. With the exception of the 2 times, I’ve been milking 2x a day for over a month. I’m not whining. I’m so unbelievably grateful. But I’m also grateful for the break.

Not only did he wake up early to milk after a crazy long day yesterday and another ahead of him today, he also made breakfast! I know! That’s my man.

Last night we started a new family tradition. We took a lovely stroll in the full moon light. It was so bright and beautiful. Even though we were both exhausted from a full day in the sun, and were more than ready to go to bed, we took the time to just walk a few blocks and soak in some Lunar magic. I think it will be something really nice for us to look forward to as a family. We walk a lot. But never at night. So it’s a great excuse to make that happen.

Today I am staying inside. The sun is high and hot. Leelu and I got a lot of sun yesterday and I do not feel guilty being inside in the shade and taking it easy. Happy Sunday.


Heat, Cob & The Rally for our Food.

Future farmer folkways farm

Future Farmer

Today was hot. HOT. With so many things calling us outdoors, the heat was overwhelming. But it was nice. Better the sun shining high then clouds and rain on all the events of importance.

This weekend marks Territory Days. A great annual gathering for the town. A headache for Westside residents. Unfortunately there are bad seeds out there that just don’t seem to get that this is a neighborhood (not to mention Planet Earth) and will just throw their trash and gigantic turkey legs all over the sidewalks and yards. It’s a shame. I won’t even talk about the parking problem. It’s absolute madness. Daisy is going tomorrow with her camera though. If anything, it should make for some great photography.

Stop Monsanto Folk ways farm

Colorado Cob

A view of the march in the distance.

The March against Monsanto rally was today too, and I had every intention of being amongst the protestors. Leelu had other plans though. Part of those plans included a sheer determination to skip her nap. So we just tried to go with it, and went for the long walk in the sun the 10+ blocks to get to the meeting place. We only made it 6 before she just couldn’t go anymore. We took a breather at Buckley’s. I was going to just rest, nurse her and continue on my way. But Ed was there and he was heading back to his house where Niko was working so we hitched a ride. We ended up just hanging for awhile, meandering to the street to watch the march, and then going home a couple hours later. I did make Leelu a cute protest shirt though. She’ll be sporting it often.

I was hoping for hoards. I wanted to look down the street and see a mob walking for the injustice of it all. But maybe there were many mothers like me who’s children were hot and ornery from missing their naps. You know, Life. But I did see later the many photos of the marches and gatherings all over the world. It gives me hope for humanity.

Folkways farm

Niko had a nice handful helping him stomp in the mud. I applaud those that were there in that heat. It was intense. I look forward to getting my toes dirty soon. The sun and heat are a bit much for the Bug just yet. This is the first actual Barrel Oven project. Maybe one of these days Niko will pop on here and tell you about it. Until then, here are some pictures of the progress.

Folk Ways Farm


Colorado Cob

Good Eats (Lavender Lemonade)

{Good Eats #2}

Lavender Lemonade

Folk Ways Farm Lavender Lemonade

I kept seeing these lemons on the counter, and besides the regular use of hummus making or soft cheese, I wanted to do something different. It’s summer. It’s definitely Lemonade season!

I love Lavender. LOVE. And so wanted to try to mingle the 2 in a passionate taste bud embrace. Mission accomplished.

Bring to a gentle boil, 1 half gallon of filtered water.Turn off the heat and add, 1/2 cup of Organic Lavender buds. Let steep 1 hour. Squeeze the juice out of 4-6 lemons, not minding the seeds or pulp, right into the pot of steeped Lavender. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar, depending on your sweet tooth and mix well.

Strain mixture into 2 half gallon glass Mason jars, filling both up half way, and then fill both up with filtered water. Mix well. You may choose to add a sprig of mint or basil to the jars to add a nice subtle flavor. Refrigerate and ENJOY!

*Tip* ~I used my milk strainer because it fits so well into my mason jars, but you can use a coffee filter or maybe even cheese cloth. You might have to scoop out the pulp every now and then to keep it draining.

Something pretty for a party or summertime treat would be to freeze lavender buds, berries, or sprigs of mint in ice cube trays, and serve them in your lemonade glasses! Lovely!


Dear Deer,

I understand your desire to forage. I sympathize with your plight of over abundant human interaction. I admire your beautiful wild nature. Seeing you surely instills a fierce joy to flutter my heart.

That being said.

If you continue to destroy our living breathing plants that are meant to have a much longer existence to thrive and increase their bounty, I shall be forced to take drastic measures.

I try very hard to live a peaceful and coexisting life with you. All I ask is that you do the same.

Share. Don’t eat all of our food. It’s rude.

Sara Smiles

I’m happy to report that Sara seems to be healing just fine. I’ve had 5 consecutive milkings now without her kicking. I managed to figure out a successful way to gently hold her udder from behind while I spray her teats with the Fight Bac. And while I’m still not sure I’m going to continue with that particular brand, I’m very grateful that things are calming down. I was definitely worried with my inexperience of what we were dealing with, but it seems to be pretty straight forward. The sores were from her constant kicking. And now that I’ve figured out this new technique I think we can keep her from injuring herself further.

Folk Ways Farm

It’s Quince!

Folk Ways Farm Quince

Folk Ways Farm Quince



After all these years of wondering, this beauty has finally revealed herself. 1 out of 3 people on the Coop Tour asked about it, and like always, I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know. And then on Sunday, someone identified it as Quince. And then oddly enough, one of our neighbors came by to visit the goats and confirmed it! So I looked it up and it seems that I have the flowering variety, whereas most are the fruiting. People use the small tart fruits for jam. I don’t recall ever getting fruit from this tree, but that could be because I’m always so enamored with the blossoms. I’m ecstatic! I can’t wait to tell my neighbor a few blocks away. He has one in front of his home as well and we’ve both been at a loss as to what they were. So thank you to our neighbor Rose and the very knowledgeable visitor on the Peak Coop Tour!