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There are very informative blogs out there that share something interesting and instructional everyday. This is not one of those. However, if you’ve wandered this far, I hope you will stick around for the sheer enjoyment of the journey. Because that’s the main thing here. This blog is mostly just a record of my story. 80% journal with about 20% how-to’s or tutorials on our homestead life. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and come back every now and then to read my story.

We wish to live simply, finding contentment and happiness in that simplicity. Our family is full of love, with a strong dose of chaos thrown in for fun. We’re starting with baby steps at our tiny westside cottage in Colorado Springs and hope to one day have piles of Colorado land to play on. I thank you for stopping by, and I welcome you. We hope you enjoy sharing our journey.

Here is a little about us, told from my point of view (Brandi), until someone else decides to chime in!



Niko is the great love of my life. My soul mate, the shining star in my dark night, the most amazing father of my children, and by far the one true thing that holds my sometimes fragile self together.

He is The Farmer, and when he is passionate about something, he will find a way to bring it forth and make it happen. He not only keeps this farm running, but he also holds down a full time job so that we stay financially afloat and teaches cob building workshops on the side. He would like nothing more than to give up his “day job” and get to the real work, which mostly consists of playing in the dirt. Though I am the main author of this blog, Niko is the real heart and soul behind the farm.




I am the Mama. I write the words. I sorta make the meals. I sorta keep the house in order. I love my family. I am a big ball of chaos with just the right dose or serenity to keep me grounded. I like change, which these days I don’t see much of. At least on the outside. My life used to be movement, as in gypsy style. Now we are constant. We have dreams of this farming life and I want nothing more than to watch my children grow and thrive and lead healthy and promising lives. I want to grow old with my husband working hard and getting dirty. I want to end every night in a rocking chair on my front porch watching the sunset. I want to see the fruits of my labor in the smiles of my children. I love to read, sew, and crochet and could waste a large portion of my days doing all three if there wasn’t work to be done. I am happiest when I know my family is content.




Daisy is so much more than the wildest of Wildflowers. She brings character and teenage conflict to our household, loves the heck out of her baby sister, and simultaneously makes us ridiculously proud while turning our hair grey. She’s brilliant, beautiful, talented and lazy. She has a love of dinosaurs and old cameras. She is going to take the world by storm and achieve her hearts desire, which will have absolutely nothing to do with farming.

folkways farm



Oh, Leelu. What is there to say about this little bug that has sent all of our hearts aflutter. She is the piece of the puzzle that brought us together as a family. Coming 14 years after her big sister, she brought change to everything. She is laughter, tears, and so much frustration. It’s fantastic. Every single moment of it. I love this little bug. She is already a budding farmer, and I think that she will grow into a lover of all things Folkways! She brings joy to all of us and we are grateful her her presence in this family. Her favorite things so far are her giant puppy dog (a stuffed hand-me-down from her sister), grapes and blueberries, mama’s ninny, following her sister around, and helping daddy on the farm. A definite keeper.


And coming soon: I’ll share some animal personality and their unique contributions to the farm!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Brandi,
    I just recently read your article on Mother Earth News about the healing you did of your husband’s hand and the blood poisoning with the Potatoes and other things. I LOVED IT! In fact I am going to save it and keep it for reference. I agree with you, try mother nature remedies first and Drs. and their drugs next if need be. I have cured myself of a very bad UTI with just herbs and teas alone in the same amount of time as antibiotics would and with no side effects, but lots of bathroom breaks. But, I also e-mailed you because I thought you might like a book that I read, which was written around 1920 by a Doctor. It is a huge book of old fashion remedies, like the potato thing. It is called “Mother’s Remedies: Over One Thousand Tried and Tested Remedies from Mother’s of the US and Canada.” and it is by Thomas Jefferson Ritter. I have it in Kindle form, which is free. You may have seen this book, but just in case you did not, I thought you might like it. I don’t even know if you can easily get it in print. There are some remedies in it that modern science has found to potentially be dangerous, so you have to read the information with that understanding. I used one of the remedies for Croup (the night time coughing thing kids get) with wonderful success. So at least one thing in the book works. Anyway, take care and I wish you the best with everything. Many Blessings to you, Tricia Brenner

    • Wow! Thanks so much Tricia. I really appreciate the info and I’ll be sure to look the book up. It definitely sounds like something up my alley! Glad you found the blog and thanks for your input on that article. You may be the first positive review I received. :)

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